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My collaboration with Striscia la notizia began in 2008, when my first book Tentativi di Eco Condotta was published. Antonio Ricci liked it and invited me to be part of his program. Occhio allo Spreco became a regular appointment, primetime on Saturdays and allowed me to explore, with passion and curiosity, eco-solutions for individuals, companies and organizations.

The success of the column confirms the desire to accelerate sustainable development. In 2016, invited as a reporter to Singularity University, in the heart of Silicon Valley, I witnessed how exponential technologies can help us address the systemic crises of our time. Not without questions: what does it mean to be human? To what extent are we willing to be integrated? This trip marked the transition from Occhio allo Spreco to Occhio al Futuro (keep an eye on what you waste and look out for the future), which then took me to Japan, where I met scientists and designers. The interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro, who gave birth to his humanoid twin (a robot), remains vivid in my memory.

In Italy, we documented innovations in every field, from robotics to blockchain technology, agribusiness, fashion, climate change, circular economy and a lot of recycling. In 2019, we introduced the 2030 Agenda to the general public, associating each story to the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can find a selection of pieces here and on Striscia’s videogallery you can find the full archive.

This year I’ve taken a break to better understand how we can have a positive impact moving forward. What will be the next evolution?