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By February 8, 2019March 4th, 2022ecology

Witnessing the stages of development of Broken Nature has been exciting and enriching. Paola Antonelli has created an ecosystem of scientists, researchers, designers, thinkers, innovators and doers that interconnect to “promote the importance of creative practices in surveying our species’ bonds with the complex systems in the world, and designing reparations when necessary, through objects, concepts, and new systems”.

I attended the 2 symposiums that set the tone for the 6 month exhibit at Triennale in Milano starting March 1, and I have taken great pleasure in reading the essays published on, where I often find what’s missing in most investigations and discussions about our relations with nature (in all its forms): a holistic, integrative approach. So, when I was invited to have a conversation with the young, dynamic journalist and researcher Sara D’Agati, for the website, I felt deeply grateful and gratified.

Sara and I hit it off so well that after a 3 hour meeting we set another. The experience reassured me. By engaging in an open dialogue and delving into the abundance of ideas and practices, there is a common thread that can successfully foster a worldwide collaboration to help humanity evolve towards the Age of Knowledge. We have all the information we need, it just has to be organized and exposed in an organic way.

Design is about communication – to this effect Age of Entaglement by Neri Oxman is a must-read – and if we can deliver widely accessible facts, offer choices through stories, experiences and things that come from the desire to restore, we might stand a chance. I am honored to have a voice in this arena, and look forward to learning from the awesome cast of characters that Paola is orchestrating. Thank you! We’re in and ready to roll.


To read the conversation on, click here.

Ramuntcho Matta, Terra e Cielo for A Passo Leggero, 2014.