Occhio al futuro

Since 2014 I’ve had a weekly tv segment on Striscia la notizia

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Jeffrey Sachs is a guiding star of sustainable development, which is why I wanted to feature him in my weekly segment Occhio al futuro. He’s an esteemed academic and a dynamic promoter of a necessary transition, he’s President of the United Nation’s SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network). We interviewed him to talk about Mission 4.7 which he launched with the Vatican, Unesco and the Ban-Ki Moon Foundation.


Inspired by the Egyptians and motivated to do good, Franco Dipietro and his collaborators hit a home run: they use unsold bread – and in Italy there is really a lot, every day – to brew a delicious beer. To go from an idea to reality, you need an entrepreneurial approach, accurate knowledge of the laws and an organized supply chain. They did it.


How can you turn time into money? Nicolò Santin and a group of young Italians found a winning formula for using games as fundraising tools. By designing video games for companies, who want to support non-profit organizations as a CSR activity and by letting the gamers choose where to donate, the creators of Gamindo implemented a positive cycle.


We know that the textile industry, as a whole, is among the biggest polluters. However, there are those who are turning the tide: Aquafil, with its regenerated nylon yarn Econyl, produces textile fibers from scraps, waste and new materials. Producing positive actions and changes for the economy, society and the environment, along their entire production chain.

The power of trash

Arthur Huang, architect, engineer and CEO of Miniwiz explains his processes and machines to use the most abundant resource on our planet: trash!

The power of trash II

An airplane made from recycled PET? That’s the dream of engineer Arthur Huang, who, with his team, is creating an opensource database with over 1,200 new recycled materials – the result of over 15 years of research.

The future is already here

Anita Schjøll Brede explains how artificial intelligence like Iris could simplify scientific research and much more.

The invasion of plastic

The American artist and filmmaker Chris Jordan faces us with a reality that is physically remote but that we unconsciously contribute to. During numerous journeys to Midway Island, the farthest from any continent, he found something that we all should relate to.

Protecting your devices

Jaya Baloo, one of the world’s leading experts on cyber-security, gives us advice on how to protect our devices and personal data.

Cybersecurity and hacking

Jaya Baloo, explains the incentives hackers can have and the differences in cyber-attacks. Private citizens, large corporations or even governments can be victims.