My mission is

to accelerate sustainable development.

I research, communicate and apply strategies and solutions to win our grand challenges. Together, we can fill the gap between what we know and how we live.

I love life in its infinite manifestations, and becoming a mother I found it natural to care for my children and our Planet with the same spirit of gratitude and devotion. A journalist at heart, I dove with curiosity into the www – – world wide web to understand how to lighten our ecological footprint. Exploring the complex interdependence that governs life, I was struck by the speed of environmental and social degradation, and the growing distance between finance and the economics of everyday life. On the other hand, I was surprised by the abundance of information and restorative opportunities. I felt called to action – – my personal challenge became collective.

At home I chose a positive attitude to transform daily habits, and in the same spirit I later chose to address readers and listeners. Starting from the macro dimension of a problem–waste, pollution, production, quality, labor–I look for the most appropriate solutions to repair. With technological advancement, tools to measure and improve the impact of human activities have increased, and while this excites me, it also invites me to be vigilant of the boundaries between natural and artificial.

In all my activities, my purpose is to build critical mass, inform and motivate, promote action, collaboration and enable dialogue. Deeply empathic, I see the ability of feeling with others as a way to strengthen our sense of belonging to a fragile world and develop resilience by embracing our vulnerability. At the moment I’m dealing with my own – stress induced alopecia.

Cristina’s CV

Awards and acknowledgements

Gocce d’Acqua Award 2021

The environmental award Gocce d’Acqua (Drops of Water) promoted by the Parma Est Rotary Club, was established to highlight virtuous behaviour in the environmental field.

“To the journalist Cristina Gabetti, for her great sensitivity to environmental and water issues, and for her work in raising public awareness.” – Parma,  November 23rd 2021

Scaviss Award 2018

The Scaviss is awarded by the Municipality of Belvedere Langhe to those who have contributed to the cultural growth of the Langhe and Roero areas, preserving the enthusiasm for their land, and in defense of those values handed down through oral memory from generation to generation, for the preservation of biodiversity.

“To Cristina Gabetti for having shown a deep interest in the Earth, the Environment, the Landscape and the Rural World in her human and professional life.” – Belvedere Langhe, April 15th 2018

AICA Award 2017

The AICA Award aims to enhance the commitment of those who, through communication campaigns, bring environmental problems to the attention of citizens, contributing to the creation of a collective consciousness and environmental culture.

“The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Cristina Gabetti, a well-known television journalist and writer, for her work in spreading the word about issues related to eco-sustainable consumption using various communication tools (TV, books, conferences).” – Alba, November 2017

The Alphabet of Women Milan 2010

The Alfabeto delle Primedonne, instituted by Mayor Letizia Moratti, recognizes 21 Milanese women who, through their work, strive for the cultural, economic and social growth of the city, dedicating to each a letter from A to Z.

“Q as in quality of life – Cristina Gabetti” – Milan, March 8th 2010

Acqui Ambiente Award 2011

The Acqui Ambiente Award was established in 1997 to raise awareness on ecological issues and environmental protection.

“The successful feature Occhio allo Spreco in Striscia la notizia has become an important point of reference. Cristina Gabetti is scientifically reliable and offers easy tips to emulate with common sense and her calm demeanour. She likes to repeat: “Every gesture, by itself, may seem small, but in time can become impactful.” – Acqui Terme, June 19th 2011


GECO Smart Talks 2021 e 2022

GECO – The Sustainability EXPO, launched the Smart Talk Video Contest: short videos of 3 minutes, born from the desire to promote ideas and projects related to the consistent and effective practice of sustainability and biodiversity in everyday life, in the city, on vacation, traveling, in the workplace, in public and private.

Euro Green Award 2021

The Euro Green Award is a call open to European SMEs that have innovated in their respective industries, reducing their environmental impact.
This initiative focuses on highlighting the essential role that small and medium-sized enterprises play in the EU in driving the transition to a greener future.

Progetta in Verde 2021

Progetta in Verde is a talent competition dedicated to design and fashion students from all over Italy. It’s an open call that will bring hundreds of students to challenge each other and compete. The initiative is aimed at enhancing the cultural value of sustainability within the course of study, and to identify and reward new creative talents interested in specializing in this subject, providing a concrete entry point into the world of work.

3Bee Call for Impactability 2021

3Bee‘s Call for Impactability is a new initiative in support of impactability, from the combination of impact and sustainability. With the objective of allowing anyone to participate and win the funding for their high impact idea. Three cash prizes are up for grabs for the best ideas presented and a press award for the project with the greatest communicability. 

Rossana Orlandi Guiltless Plastic Prize 2019

The Rossana Orlandi Plastic Prize is Ro GUILTLESSPLASTIC’s international award that aims to engage a growing audience by challenging designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, startuppers, change makers, creators, scientists, researchers, developers and communication experts who are passionate about creating extraordinary impact by proposing problem-solving projects in the field of re-Waste.

Festival CinemAmbiente 2013 e 2018

The Festival CinemAmbiente was founded in Turin in 1998 with the aim of presenting the best environmental films and documentaries at an international level and contribute to the promotion of cinema and environmental culture with activities developed throughout the year.

toBEeco 2012

During Expocasa, toBEeco is the support and promotion program of eco-friendly design that aims to promote the emergence of young creative talents. Designers, architects and planners present an original prototype, on the theme of En&rgy: creative energy for projects ranging from product-design to service-design, where energy is measured qualitatively and quantitatively and the process of eco-compatibility involves not only the choice of materials, but also the production processes.

Occhio al futuro

Weekly tv segment since 2015 on Striscia la notizia


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Cristina has written 4 books, including one for children


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