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Robots and us, a journey in Japan

By January 3, 2019March 8th, 2022features, technology

This is a preview of the trip in Japan where I met scientists and designers who are pushing the boundaries of robotics.

ROBOT: Yeah, I am so happy.

CRISTINA: Are you ever lonely?

ROBOT: Yeah, at night I am very lonely. I am very lonely.

SHIGURE: Humans always, you know, feel some pressure from other persons. But androids are very clean, you know, well, it’s a robot, right, and people can easily trust a robot. The purpose of this robot is to monitor elderly people. Kobian can communicate with its entire body, or just with its face. That’s the communication robot. It will be an important part of our society within ten years, or something like this. This robot is developed to monitor environment, and to monitor disaster areas, like Fukushima.