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Peace is the way – Interview with Deepak Chopra

By July 23, 2018March 7th, 2022features

Deepak Chopra is injecting peace into the world through his 21 day guided meditations. How effective are they? A new cycle has just started in Italy, where I live.

I went to the source and asked Mr. Chopra, the mastermind of many tools that are spreading consciousness, to explain how neuroscience is proving the health benefits of meditation.

As you delve deeper into how our brain and body work, how do you measure the value/positive effects of meditation?

We evaluate the benefits in the mind and the body in terms of the growth of our wellbeing. For example, we can now see the metabolic markers and hormones associated with the decrease in inflammation in the body through meditation. We can also measure the increase of the enzyme telomerase which preserves the length of telomeres sustaining healthy cell life throughout our bodies.

What are the golden rules to harness the benefits of meditation?

The basis to gaining the full benefits of meditation is to not force or push the mind, by concentrating on thoughts or resisting thoughts. Meditation is an opportunity for the mind to be present and aware of its own nature. For a successful meditation experience we only need to follow the practice with complete ease.

How did your critical mass grow over the years with the meditations you offer?

The participation in the 21 day meditation experience has grown quickly in the last few years. To date, over 4 million people around the globe have participated in the meditations, learning about it online, through social media, or word of mouth.

Which are the areas of the world that respond the most? That you have most participation from?

Presently the areas of the world most responsive to the 21 day meditation challenge are North America, but there is growing participation in all the English-speaking populations of the world, Western Europe, India, Australia, and New Zealand.