DoCured, corporate welfare

By August 3, 2018August 5th, 2018technology

Do corporate welfare platforms have a real impact?

Corporate welfare programs, the range of services dedicated to an employee’s well-being, can have a series of positive repercussions. DoCured is online medical and psychological teleconsultation platform which developed a chat software that allows employees, directly from the office, to speak with a doctor or a psychologist. CEO Lorenzo Tancredi explains: “To date we have more than 130 doctors and psychologists registered on the platform and we have a pool of employees of around fifteen thousand. We cover about 70% of medical specializations, from gynecologists to orthopedists, and our psychologists are all experts in the management of work stress especially.”

Which are the most consulted specialists? “Without a doubt,” Tancredi says “gynecologists are the most requested doctors along with psychological consultations. Usually with psychological issues when a person addresses it through writing, they’re in a comfort zone where they express themselves more sincerely.”

There are advantages in terms of how much absenteeism is reduced, how much trust is generated with new technologies and in a new way of self-care. The national absenteeism rate is around 7%, and with their platform it became 5.5%. On average in a company with 100 employees, around 60% are in favor and want to use a platform like theirs.

The benefits don’t stop there: because it’s a welfare service, it’s free for employees. The company has a tax advantage in offering the service to employees, creating savings especially for the state in terms of overloading hospitals.

When everyone gains something, clearly it’s a winning solution!